Monday, October 18, 2010

A Latino's interview of Social Diva, Peg Samuel

INTERVIEW: The Social Diva, Peg Samuel
By Al Carlos Hernandez, Herald de Paris, October 17, 2010

HOLLYWOOD  – A native New Yorker, Peg Samuel likes to say that she was pretty much born with the ‘fabulous’ gene embedded in her DNA. However, no one ever said that ‘fabulous’ was mutually exclusive with ‘diva’ Peg spent many years fine tuning her diva skills for which she is so well known. So well known in fact, she wrote the book on it.

Peg’s journey began in 1995 as an internet pioneer working in digital advertising at well known sites such as, Disney’s Info seek/, Value Click Media and Travel Ad Network. Peg was becoming affectionately known around town as ‘The Diva’ and the go-to girl for connecting, promoting and socializing. Friends say that her social butterfly personality made her situationally aware of the hip happenings on the social scene.

Peg wanted to combine her internet savvy with her love of lifestyle and her people skills. Armed with her personal mantra of “More Everything,” Peg launched Social in 2000, a lifestyle and entertainment website and blog which answers the age-old dilemma: Where can a girl go to have some fun?  MORE.

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