Sunday, April 10, 2011

How Latinas are treated at upscale make-over counters

As everyday Latinas, we have a responsibility to perpetuate proper etiquette, attire, and personal grooming.
By Zury Magana, Fashion Editor, The American Latina
Publisher's Note:  This is a continuing series about how Latina's are treated at upscale fashion and makeup stores in the U.S.
Zury Magana
SACRAMENTO, CA - We have all heard the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover,” well unfortunately we do, making it very important for us to pay attention to our appearance.  American culture has often depicted Latinas as houses keepers, nannies – the hired help.  It was not until cable television, Spanish TV specifically, that people began to see Latinas in a more positive light.  As everyday American Latinas, we have a responsibility to perpetuate these ideals to our current generation by demonstrating proper etiquette, attire, and personal grooming.  In addition, to meet the individual and cultural needs of Latinas, American clothing designers and cosmetic manufacturers must be more responsive.  This includes providing proper service.

Keeping that in mind, I visited a local Macys located in Sacramento, California to see how responsive they would be to a young Latina’s needs.  While passing the Estelauder counter, the clerks greeted me attentively, with smiles and friendly eye contact.  As I walked past the BOBBY BROWN counter, there four young female employees who ignored me, demonstrated they were too busy putting on their own makeup and failed to acknowledge any attempt at eye contact.  When I reached the MAC counter, my initial destination, things were looking up.
Zury Before Make-over
The MAC counter had five chairs waiting for heavily booked appointments. Their makeup artist Jill said she would love to do my makeup, but would have to return at eleven thirty, 20 minutes to kill.  She also mentioned that I would have to purchase ($75) worth of products in exchange for the make over. 

Since I had to wait, I decided to head over to LANCOME counter where an older Latina friend of mine was experiencing a makeover of her own.  The LANCOME representatives were very professional and attentive to my friend, who shared she was very pleased with their service.

Zury After Make-over
It was now time for my makeover.  So once again I passed by BOBBY BROWNS makeup counter only to be ignored a second time; however, Jill at the MAC counter greeted me and quickly began to work her magic.  The moment I sat, Jill started with a dark Smokey black eye shadow. She then prepped a pair of ($14) fake long beautiful eye lashes. After she had placed the fake lashes over mine and tinted them with dark black mascara, she applied a ($26) skin base visage on my face for the prime. Jill pointed out that the product was not to be used near the lip area. After applying the base, she layered it with a coat of ($29) SPF15 foundation then lightly contoured my eyes with a dark black eye liner.  Finally to finish the make over, she traced my lips with a light brown lip liner, followed by a light and not to noticeable lipstick.  My result?  It was a signature look for every woman that was there.

Overall I was very pleased by the products and service at this M.A.C. counter in Sacramento and based on that, I would recommend getting a makeover at M.A.C. and use of their products to anyone.

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