Thursday, January 14, 2010

Latina actor flying high under the radar

Hollywood’s Lidia Pires flying high under the radar
By Al Carlos Hernandez,

Lidia Pires may not be a name you recognize but she has been a recognizable face on numerous international TV commercials, network TV programs and more than ten feature films. She is most recently featured as one of the stars in the cross-over heist film Ladron que Roba a Lardron. There is no doubt that she will flirt with A-List notoriety in her upcoming feature, the comedic romp, Lean Like a Cholo.

In a time of media myopia and typecasting, Lidia is a transcendent Latina, a jack of all trades, an artistic multi-talented chameleon who can reinvent herself through many genres while mastering several media platforms.

She has worked as a model, writer, script doctor, producer, PR executive, and on-air host. She is a painter as well as a successful casting and production associate. Lidia says that acting is her first love and she can say it in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Ever active and engaged with the world around her, she takes time to give back to the community...MORE

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